Our base is located in the marina of Porto Colom village that includes two areas: the first includes the marina, crowded with fishing boats, where you can still breathe the taste of a real seaport, with a promenade full of restaurants and typical restaurants. The second area, the oldest part of the village, is located behind the port and includes an enchanting little square surrounded by delightful pastel-colored houses.
Porto Colom is the largest natural port in the Balearics, extending around a long and irregular bay that also includes a series of small beaches. This is the ideal starting point to discover the beauties of the island and especially of the east coast, the most fascinating and interesting from a naturalistic point of view. From here you can easily reach the Coves de Drach (Caves of the Dragon) and the Coves de Artà, spectacular caves shaped by the tireless work of water that, infiltrating the layers of the tertiary era, dragging the calcium carbonate, created impeccable sculptures. Another easily accessible point from Porto Colom is the island of Menorca, with its spectacular Port Mahòn.
In the surroundings of Porto Colom, in addition to a series of headlands overlooking the mouth of the bay and which house an imposing lighthouse is also the Cala Marcal beach, made up of very fine white sand and bordered by Mediterranean vegetation.


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