Frequently asked questions: here what you need to know before going on holidays

What baggage should I bring?

baggage Less is more! On a sailboat the space must be rationalized to the maximum in order to allow the highest level of comfort to the whole crew, so avoid carrying with you suitcases or rigid trolley, difficult to stow in the lockers. To avoid luggage with wheels that can scratch the wooden floor of the yachts. The ideal are soft bags or any baggage that once emptied is easy to fold and store. We also recommend to bring a backpack, useful for your movements on the ground to put water, costume changes, beach towel, shoes and anything else. Some of our bases have a left-luggage office where you can leave your luggage for a fee. Ask our staff before leaving.


How do I get dressed in a boat?

dressed Simple, practical and essential. You will see that you are all dressed up in a boat all day: this is the beauty of life on board! Avoid loading your luggage with evening dresses, high-heeled shoes or great gala clothing, you might regret the comfort offered by flip-flops, sandals, Bermuda shorts or linen trousers. The temperature range between day and night by boat is considerable, do not forget something warmer for your evenings on board. We recommend T-shirts, shorts, light trousers, comfortable shoes with rubber soles, flip-flops, a waterproof and windproof jacket, a hat, a sweatshirt or cotton sweater .... better keep your space in your suitcase for a good book or a comfortable mattress for your relaxation in the water.


Who thinks about the galley?

galleyLife on board and at the sea stimulate the appetite! You can choose to do the shopping on board, called "galley" or to find it on board when you board. For some of our bases, we organize the online "provisioning" service, through which you can select the shopping list from home and have it delivered by boat. Do not forget everything you need for a nice aperitif at sunset !!!


Which documents do you need?

documents Remember to bring a valid identification document with you; if you plan a trip inland and you want to rent cars, motorbikes or quads, do not forget to bring a driving license with you. And for bareboat commanders, of course, do not forget your boat license!


Which medicines do I find on board?

medicinesOn board you will already find a small basic and first aid kit: patches, gauze, syringes, aspirins, etc ... If you have other needs or suffer from some pathology or allergy please make it known when booking in order to help you in the best way. Do not forget a good sunscreen, the boat sun "beats"!


How do I reach the boat?

Our bases are close enough to the main airports. Ask our staff to arrange the transfer service for you. One of our drivers will wait for you at the indicated place and take you directly to your yacht!

When do I pay?

Lease costs (cost of the boat) under the heading "price" are paid in advance with 2 installments, of which 50% on booking and 50% 6 weeks before departure. If the departure date is less than 42 days, the full amount must be paid at the time of booking. The rental cost includes only the boat lease.

How does it work for the deposit?

The deposit is an amount that is left with a credit. It is deposited at check-in and it will be released automatically at the end of the charter. Our boats are given at checkin in perfect condition.

Can I board first?

You are on holiday, no stress, no rush! We will do our best to get you on board as soon as possible, but we can not guarantee a specific time first, as much depends on the conditions in which your boat will be left by the previous crew.

What if the day of boarding I arrive late?

Does your flight land after dinner and arrive at the base when it is dark? Quiet, we can wait! The NSS staff is available to its guests 24 hours a day.

When should I return?

The boat must always be moored in port in the afternoon before the day of disembarkation. For example; if your holiday ends on Saturday morning, you will return to the port on friday afternoon to fuel and guarantee us the time needed for the checkout procedures. Of course you will sleep on board on Friday evening. And for any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.