The charter base is in Marina di Portorosa, a modern and elegant structure located on the north coast of Sicily, in Patti Gulf, at 150 km from Catania (2 hours by car) and 180 km from Palermo (2 hours and half by car). The Marina is equipped with all services, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, supermarket and bar.

Portorosa is the closest starting point to reach Aeolian Islands, just 15 nm far, in 2-3 sailing hours, you arrive in the nearest island, Vulcano Island.

Aeolian archipelago, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, is composed by seven wonderful islands - Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi - by islets and reefs, and by two active volcanoes on the islands of the same name, Stromboli and Vulcano.

Lipari, the biggest island, during summer is full of tourists, while Panarea is the littlest one but the most frequented by young people thanks to its nightlife.

Throughout the archipelago, however, a lifestyle based on relaxation and silence prevails, a characteristic belongs to a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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 How to arrive

It is possible to reach Marina di Portorosa by CAR, by TRAIN or by PLANE.

Airport Catania Fontanarossa - 163 km far by Portorosa
Airport Reggio Calabria - 90 km far by Portorosa + crossing the Strait of Messina by boat or hydrofoil.
Airport Palermo Falcone-Borsellino - 209 km far by Portorosa (2h30’)


Crossing the Strait of Messina by ferry-boat. From Messina take the BOCCETTA ring road, Messina highway - Palermo A20 - to the Falcone exit.
Take the main road 113 Falcone-Messina for 3 km and reach Portorosa.


The closest train station is “Novara-Montalbano-Furnari” (Vigliatore) or Barcellona-Castroreale, both just 1.5 km far from Portorosa.
You can take a taxi to reach Portorosa.


Every day at 2 pm the connection by ship Salerno-Messina is active, an excellent idea also for customers who choose the experience of a one way charter between our two bases in Southern Italy!

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