1 • Carriacout - Tyrrel Bay

Mooring in the harbor surrounded by boats of local fishermen, walk in the center full of craft shops.

2 • Sandy Island

The beach overlooks a tropical lagoon whose turquoise waters offer a protected anchorage, a pleasant bath and an interesting snorkeling activity. Just outside is the intact coral reef and fish of all colors. The island is characterized by lush green vegetation including coconut palms and fruit trees.

3 • Union Island (Chatham Bay)

The geographical location of Union Island makes it one of the most spectacular Caribbean islands as it is surrounded by the beautiful Tobago Cays Marine Park and many other splendid places on the island such as Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent. In recent years the island is becoming a top destination thanks to the development of kitesurfing. There are numerous charming bars and restaurants and many attractions that will keep you pleasantly busy during your stay.

4 • Mayreau (Salt Whistle Bay)

A secret treasure of peace and tranquility, postcard beaches and bays, a cozy village with an old picturesque church, Mayreau is the pristine Caribbean that can only be heard in whispers. Saltwhistle Bay is a perfect image with calm waters and powder white sand. You can buy shirts, souvenirs and drinks in the southern corner of the bay and enjoy great food and delicious cocktails at the Saltwhistle Bay Club.

5 • Tobago Cays

Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, Tobago Cays is known as the "jewel in the crown" of the Southern Grenadines. The marine park is home to a number of significant habitats worldwide, including coral reefs, turtle nesting sites marine and feeding areas, and small mangrove systems.

6 • Petit St. Vincent

PSV is surrounded by two miles of white sand beaches and the whole island operates as a luxury resort. Petit San Vincent Resort is a wonderful refuge in the tropics made of fine white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and an unrivaled luxury and elegance.