North Corsica

1 • Capraia

The port of the island of Capraia is a tourist marina that can accommodate up to 99 boats, during the summer it is advisable to book. Bars, restaurants and some shops, make it the center of the summer evening and night "struscio", animated by dozens of crews and tourists in general. The coasts of the island, gently sloping towards the sea, offer the possibility of bathing even in shallow waters, sometimes with a sandy and very clear bottom. A single sandy beach, Cala della Mortola, can be reached only by boat; the remaining coves are all in rock or rock. Don't miss a stop at Cala Rossa.

2 • Macinaggio

The Macinaggio tourist port is located at the end of Capo Corso. If you come from the North, pay attention to the NW shoal of the Finocchiarola Islands. It is repared by the winds coming from the West [Mistral and Libeccio] and South-East [Scirocco]. Due to the strong NE winds, it is a fairly wavy port. The mooring in the bay and behind the pier has sandy bottoms and meadows of poseidonia.
Macinaggio is surrounded by beaches, 3 small coves 1 km to the south, and to the north, 2 km away, there are the beaches of Tamarrone and, 4 km away, that of Santa Maria, then the Capundula reserve, belonging to the “ Coastal Conservatory ", which can be traversed on foot via the" customs trail ". It is a true paradise for nature lovers.

3 • St. Florent

The port of Saint Florent, set right at the end of Capo Corso, the "finger" of Corsica, is rather small but well organized, with a distributor on the quay at the head of the north pier. It has a delightful but very narrow promenade and the organization of the city center is captivating, some days on the ground will pass fast and fun, especially in the evening hours, between bars, restaurants and all kinds of bars. The coast is beautiful and wild, but absolutely free of safe shelters and completely exposed to the Mistral. So let's tune in to channel 16 to get the bulletin call at 8.45am and 6.45pm released by the CROSS Ajaccio. If we miss the appointment, we call the numbers 95701221 or 95360496 (+33 from Italy) to listen to the telephone bulletin.

4 • Ile Rousse

The marina of L'Ile Rousse can accommodate 250 boats, 85 in transit. A large pier about 200 meters long detaches from the coast, the area reserved for pleasure boats is located south-west of the pier near the area reserved for fishing boats. At the dock there are all the services. The city which is about 1 km away offers technical and mechanical assistance, food shops, restaurants and hotels.
In rough sea conditions, go off the Brucciu and Piana islands to the north of the island, paying attention to an unmarked rock placed south-east of the Piana island. At night the lighthouse on the Ile Pietra indicates the route to follow through its white sector.
Ile Rousse is the other seaside resort on the coast. Its name comes from the red porphyry rocks of the island of Pietra, north of the city. It is very pleasant to wander in the shade of the century-old plane trees of Piazza Paoli or play the «pétanque» on the Grande Place adorned with date palms. Inside, a multitude of balcony villages are just as many excursion destinations in unspoiled nature. Tips: take a ride on the "21 column market", take a nice walk along the Marinella seaside and visit the artisan coffee factory. Also worth seeing is Bodri beach.

5 • Calvi

Sailing towards South West you will arrive at Calvì. the town has its own charm: port, citadel, privileged position and beautiful beaches. The imposing Genoese citadel, with its cheerful and varied lanes, the upper town that gives a sense of security and serenity, and finally a beach with pine trees. The port has 180 seats reserved for transit, and is equipped with all services.
Don't miss the nearby beach of Saleccia.

6 • Barcaggio

Beautiful gulf with beaches, but only for a break, the harbor is not recommended, as there are many currents. We recommend a stop in Macinaggio before the return journey to the base.

7 • Capraia (Cala Rossa)

Returning to the Tuscan coast, Cala Rossa is a must-see, on the southern tip of the island. One of the most spectacular coves in the Mediterranean, crystal clear waters and clear on which the contrast between the clear rocks of the Zenobito promontory reflects, with the homonymous tower of Genoese origin (1545), and the sanguine rocks of the red sheer wall.