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Amalfi Coast




Sailing on a sailing boat in the Mediterranean is a unique and fascinating experience that will make you discover the "Mare Nostrum" from another perspective.
The Mediterranean, with its seductive coasts and its ancient islands, hides an infinite variety of colors, flavors and traditions that never ceases to amaze.
Choose from your bases in Sardinia, Tuscany, Sicily, Amalfi Coast or the Balearic Islands and enjoy your holiday on a sailing boat full of fun, culture and emotions.
Discover the crystal clear waters of the Maddalena Archipelago and touch the coasts of Southern Corsica; watch sailing towards the Island of Elba and visit the depths of the Capraia and the Isola del Giglio or sail through the small villages of the Amalfi Coast in search of unforgettable flavors and aromas or even the seas of the Balearic Islands and breathe the vibrant atmosphere of Mallorca and Menorca.
Book your sailing holiday in the Mediterranean now and ensure a unique and unforgettable sailing experience thanks to our rental sailboats.